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Meet the visionary entrepreneurs who are changing the game

With their bold ideas and innovative solutions they are paving the way for a more sustainable, efficient and prosperous future for construction.

Document Crunch

AI-assisted software platform simplifies construction contracts by quickly identifying critical risk provisions and provides teams with guidance to make great decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle


Serial renovation system for buildings, using industrial prefabrication to scale the retrofitting of existing buildings in Europe and turning them carbon neutral

Field Materials

Digitizing and democratizing procurement of construction materials. The software platform empowers contractors and vendors to streamline every aspect of procurement, free up their time for more valuable work, and generate margin gains and cost savings


SaaS-enabled construction materials marketplace for Latin America, digitizing suppliers and creating the largest material platform in the region


Virtual & remote draw inspections platform automating the construction lending process

Raise Robotics

Robotics platform for performing high-precision fastening applications on jobsites

Data intelligence platform helping business developers in construction find and qualify new construction projects and business opportunities earlier on.


Flexnode is a digital infrastructure developer that designs, deploys and operates modular high-performance edge and on-premise data centers. Using an intelligent lifecycle platform, Flexnode integrates directly with customers’ unique data management ecosystem to support a truly tailored and flexible end-to-end solution


Outbuild is transforming construction scheduling and planning to a fully web-based, collaborative, and transparent process where the real status and progress of the project are always updated in real-time and include inputs from every stakeholder involved


Developing novel technology for CO2 mineralization in concrete, making concrete the safest form of CO2 sink and turning an emission problem into an emission solution


No-code AI platform to allow construction companies to develop solutions for the specific use cases


Platform for material manufacturers that simplifies the creation of product Life Cycle Analysis and generation of Environmental Product Declarations using LLM and supply chain integrations

Stealth startup

Design automation space


Re-inventing the world's most important construction material, cement